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Building your own outdoor playset

You've picked the perfect spot for you outdoor play area. You've compared materials and manufacturers among wooden, plastic, and metal playsets. But now you're thinking maybe you should do it yourself! Here are some tips on building your own outdoor playset.

What to expect when building your own outdoor playset

If you have a tight budget, but still wish to have a larger playset for your children, then building your own outdoor playset is always an option. Building your own means that you purchase a kit and you build the playset from scratch. With the build-your-own option, you can customize your playset to the needs of your growing children and their ever changing interests.

Typically, swingset kits come with all the hardware and accessories, such as heavy gauge bolts, screws, swings, swing-hangers, and A-frame brackets. The kits also include illustrated step-by-step plans. The only component that you would have to provide is the wood. With purchasing power over the cost and quality of the wood, you can decide which lumber is the best to use, and then shop for pricing that meets your budget. If you are unable to construct the set yourself, then you can commission someone else. Paying for someone to assemble your kit, in addition to the cost of the kit itself, will still most likely be less than the cost of a complete wooden playset that is similar in style.

The primary advantage of building your own playset is that it costs less. Also, if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then building an outdoor playset will be an enjoyable project. The disadvantage of this approach is that you have to shop for the wood and either cut it yourself, or pay for that service too. And what may be fun for a do-it-yourself enthusiast may not be so pleasurable for someone without the experience. Another disadvantage is that build-your-own playsets are usually traditional in style. Modern playsets can get pretty comprehensive, looking more like a complex jungle gym than a child’s playset. If you are not into extravagant playsets, then a build-your-own kit may just be the right choice for you.

Resources for building your own play area

Both backyardcity.com and byoswingset.com offer a variety of kit options. Additionally, both resources do not provide the wood, but they will send you a list of the sizes that you will need.

If you do decide to save money by buying a kit, remember that choosing between a soft, inexpensive wood and a strong, expensive wood should not be an option. You should never compromise on the safety of your children. Additionally, if you are not savvy in construction, then paying for someone to help install your playset will be worth the extra cost, since doing so will ensure the safety of your children.