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Metal playset manufacturers:

How do their playsets grow?

Metal is a strong and durable option for a playset, although not to the same standard as wood. Good quality metal is constructed from thick gauge and galvanized steel, making it both rust resistant and extremely strong. Even so, metal still wears down over time, and in comparison to wood, does not have the better weight capacity per child. Although metal playsets are not as expensive as wooden sets, they do not last as long, which means they are less likely to grow with the child. Additionally, metal playset options are very limited compared to their wooden and plastic opponents.

Lifetime manufactures all-weather, high weight capacity, steel construction playsets, with roofs made from polyethylene. Selections include a standard adventure set with features that incorporate an integrated climbing wall, SoftGrip swings, and a wavy slide. A more extravagant option would be Lifetime’s playset with clubhouse. This set also boasts an activity chalkboard and a look-out deck with captain's wheel. Additionally, Lifetime offers backyard swingsets that can be customized.

Metal playset brands and manufacturers

Kettler USA constructs more of the traditional style metal playsets that you see in playgrounds and schools. Styles range from the simple double swing playset to their “Trimmstation” swing set. The features on this larger set include a rope swing, monkey bars, pull up bar, and swing set. You can also add a slide or switch out a regular swing with a baby swing.

Flexible Flyer, Hedstrom, Sportspower, and Component Playgrounds are other manufactures of metal swing sets. Their styles are similar and represent the old-school A-frame swing playsets. Metal playsets are very limited in their potential to grow with children. The majority of them cater just to the older child.

Compare these metal brands to wooden playsets and plastic playsets to see which style is the best choice for your home and family, learn tips on how to build your own outdoor play area.