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Plastic playset manufacturers:

How do their playsets grow?

Plastic outdoor playsets are more common for younger children since they are safer and lighter. They also work well in smaller yards. However, they do not grow with the child very well, and only some accommodate the child until the age of 10. Although these outdoor playhouses are designed in bright colors, making them appropriate for younger children, their bright coloring also makes them stand out like a sore thumb in the yard. There are some manufacturers, however, who offer natural looking playsets that blend into the environment.

Plastic playsets brands and manufacturers

Little Tykes manufactures a range of plastic outdoor playhouses that cater for young children and are easy to assemble. Their bright color selections are attractive, durable, and virtually maintenance free. Their choices comprise of basic plastic playsets with options like versatile climbers and slides, rock climbing walls, and high platforms with fort hideouts. The age range for Little Tykes outdoor playsets is usually 2 to 10 years, and some of their sets have versatile features that can be set at different heights. Although these playsets are versatile, they don’t cater for older children with heavier weight capacities.

Step 2 is another manufacturer of plastic playhouses for young children. Their sets feature natural colors that blend into a yard, rather than bright colors that stand out. Their plastic playsets range from children’s outdoor playhouses with climbing and sliding features, as well as accessories like periscopes. Their more mature playsets feature longer slides, crawl-through portals, and strap swings. Step 2 playsets are limited in their ability to customize and grow with children.

Sportsplay sets range from plastic tot towns to larger formats that feature a mix of plastic accessories for older children. They construct playsets that hold large capacities and feature climbing decks and climbing rings. Sportsplay also specializes in more commercial style playsets. The larger playsets for older children can be customized, but the tot outdoor playhouse options are limited to the little ones.

Future Play is another plastic outdoor playset manufacturer worth considering.

Compare plastic playsets to wooden playsets and metal playsets, and see which one works best for your family.