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Wooden playset manufacturers:

How do their playsets grow?

Wood is the preferred material of choice for playsets because it is sturdier, supports more weight, and is more aesthetically pleasing than plastic and metal. Wooden playsets have also proven to be more durable, depending on the lumber and pressure treatment used. Cedar and redwood are favored over other timber types, since they are low maintenance, naturally resist rot and insects, and do not require sealing. Soft woods like pine and spruce, although less expensive, tend to weaken over time.

Lumber is often pressure treated to protect against the elements and ensure longevity. In the past, common pressure treating methods involved unsafe chemicals like arsenic or chromium. These days, however, many manufacturers are using ACQ (Ammoniacal Copper Quaternary) preserve or lumber that requires no treatment. Nonetheless, always make sure that the pressure treated wood is chemical free before purchasing a wooden playset.

When comparing similar styles and features of a playset, the pricing for wooden swing sets is usually higher than metal and plastic. However, with wood, you are more likely to get your money's worth in terms of endurance, safety, and satisfaction.

Wooden Playset Brands and Manufacturers

  • Rainbow Play Systems manufactures a wide variety of extravagant playsets constructed from a selection of lumber types, including North American timber. Rainbow outdoor playsets are diverse and feature timber rock walls, spiral slides, sling swings, and crows’ nests. You can purchase accessories separately, and therefore customize your playset to each child’s interest.
  • Adventure World playsets are built from pressure treated lumber that is encased in a solid maintenance-free, PVC vinyl casing. This design prevents the cracking and rotting of the wood, and requires little or no maintenance. These playsets boast bolted corners and stainless steel hardware throughout. Additionally, the frame is strong, durable, safe, and attractive for many years. Adventure outdoor playsets also have the option to customize accessories and features to meet the needs and interests of growing children.
  • CedarWorks playsets are made from northern white cedar wood. Cedar provides the necessary characteristics for strength, durability, and safety, and without the use of added chemicals. CedarWorks offers three types of wooden playset. They are the Serendipity Swing Set, the Revelry Swing Set, and the Playground Swing Set. Each series features a specific style of playset with a vast list of features. You can purchase the full set as is, or modify it to meet your personal desires. Additionally, the website provides a customizing tool to help you design the perfect playset.

Swing-n-Slide, Kid’s Creations, Gorilla outdoor playsets, KidWise, and Oasis Playsets are just a few more manufacturers of wooden playsets. Amish outdoor playsets are very versatile also.

Now lets see how wooden playsets stack up against plastic playsets and playsets made of metal. You may even be interested in building your own wooden outdoor play area!